Four Theaters, Three Cities and Hundreds of Performances!

Kevin Cochran and Charles Johanson founded Grove Theater Center in 1994. Since that time, GTC has produced 11 seasons of theater in the Gem Theater and Festival Amphitheater in Garden Grove, California; 5 summer seasons of Theater on the Green in Fullerton, California; and 20 seasons at GTC Burbank. Grove Theater Center stopped producing on March 13, 2020 when the pandemic shut down all public performances.

The slideshow above represents many of the GTC shows at all the theaters while the grid below gives more information on each show. Click on the photo to see more pictures, quotes, and cast lists. More shows will be added as time allows — it takes awhile when you have 25 years of theater from which to draw!

To see only shows that performed in Burbank, click on the main Grove Theater Center tab to watch that slideshow. And click on the GTC New Play Initiative tab to find out more about our many world premieres.


The Adding Machine

GO! LA Weekly"Welcome to the cheerless world of Mr. Zero (a fine turn by David Allen Jones), a numbers-crunching office drone, 35 years on the same job ("Never missed a day!"), whose home life is equally depressing because of his [...]


Eternal Equinox
(Off B’way)

“Engrossing… A tense triangle of attraction and jealousy” -The New York Times “A fascinating journey… a sterling cast . . .Sachs’ script holds our attention and does give us a tantalizing glimpse into that distant world.” “A delicious look [...]


A Christmas Carol

Los Angeles Times"The Grove Theater Center in Burbank has taken a different tack, focusing on the classic tale’s language — rich, thought-provoking and resonant — delivered through the deft performances of three professional actors who perform all roles. The Equity [...]


Bobby & Matt

Backstage New York Pick of the Week! "As moving as it is funny, complex yet truthful in its simplicity and directed with keen insight by Cochran, the show is an absolute gem . . . writer Kevin Cochran has given [...]


A Book By Its Cover

"A great cast of performances by obviously seasoned professionals, a great story and a very intimate setting at the Grove Theater Center makes this a production worth seeing." -Asiansonfilm"Chua’s script is at times somewhat audacious given the scope of story, [...]


Bobby & Matt
(Los Angeles)

The World Premiere of "Bobby & Matt" was at GTC Burbank as a Special Event of the GTC New Play Initiative. The original run was extended three times. “It’s a great play…engagingly written and strongly acted.…staged simply, but effectively.… Staging [...]


Eternal Equinox
(Los Angeles)

Eternal Equinox was produced at GTC Burbank as a production of the GTC New Play Initiative. (Leonard Ogden received an LA Ovation Award nomination for Best Set Design) “Complex relationships, sexual politics and dynamic performances come together for a great [...]



Los Angeles Times Recommended!“An issue play with a poetic soul ... Director Kevin Cochran and his actors make everything seem a consequence of one family’s need to shatter a stifling silence. Macfie makes Marie even-tempered and open-hearted, even as grief [...]


12 Angry Men

The Classic American courtroom drama, Twelve Angry Men, opened at GTC Burbank for a special two-week run with an ensemble of veteran stage and screen actors with over 354 years of combined professional experience! Twelve Angry Men started as a [...]