Art is Good believes that good art has intrinsic value. Many people, government entities, and corporations look at art through a purely utilitarian lens – theater is only good if it rejuvenates a rundown area of downtown or a sculpture only has significance if it raises money for the local Boys and Girls Club.

We all know that arts can accomplish these things and much, much more, but those accomplishments don’t define the value of the art. Good art has an intrinsic value that does not rely on an immediate economic impact.

Art is Good is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) corporation supporting arts education, public performances and literary awareness with this belief in mind. We focus on one main program at a time. Past programs have included:
Grove Theater Center
11 seasons of theater in the Gem Theater and the Festival Amphitheater in Orange County; 5 summer seasons of Theater on the Green in Fullerton, CA; and 20 seasons at GTC Burbank.
GTC New Play Initiative
A new play development program featuring 4 readings, 2 staged readings, and 1 full production each cycle. GTC NPI plays went on to win the Los Angeles Ovation Award for Best New Play and Best New Musical. Five received Off-Broadway productions in NYC.
Moss Hart & Kitty Carlisle Hart New Play Initiative. With GTC Burbank as the Los Angeles home and 59E59 Theaters as the NYC home, the Hart NPI was one of the only bicoastal new play development programs. The inaugural year received 1,243 scripts from 43 states and 5 countries!

More information on these programs is available at the tabs above.

Our current focus is BookSunday!


Join the Movement for BookSunday
The New Holiday Where All the Gifts are Books!
The goal is simple – More Books in More Hands to Create More Readers!

We accomplish this, with your help, by making the Second Sunday of March into an annual holiday where you give books to people you care about. And just like Christmas or Valentine’s Day, some people will give one book and some will give a dozen. The important thing is more books get put into more hands!

We know that creating a new holiday is possible.
While it may seem overwhelming to create a new holiday, it’s important to remember that even holidays that seem to have been around forever were often started by one person (including Mothers’ Day, Kwanzaa and Giving Tuesday). So it’s not crazy at all for you to join the movement to create a new holiday celebrating books. If you don’t, who will?!

One Million BookSunday Books by 2030!
And we need your help to make sure BookSunday is celebrated nationwide! Make sure you plan to celebrate the First Official BookSunday Holiday on March 10, 2024.

All you have to do is reach out and give someone you care about the gift of discovery, imagination and wonder! Give someone a book! Then you’ve moved us one book closer to our goal of One Million BookSunday Books by 2030!

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Pictured above L to R; Volunteer Frank Simons, Executive Director Kevin Cochran, and Board Member Eric Johanson at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.